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If you have any questions about which service is best for you, please email me at rebblevins at yahoo dot com with the subject heading, "Editing Questions."

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Free Tasting: Sample Edit

Do you want a little taste of my editing style? Are you curious to see how we’d work together? Email me your first ten pages (five pages if manuscript is under fifty thousand words), and I’ll give you a free sample. (Offer for first-time clients only.)

Appetizer: Content Editing

Content editing is the very first thing a beginning writer should consider when looking into a professional edit. It's an in-depth evaluation of your manuscript. I’ll look at the overall picture your story paints and address plot holes, lack of information, characterization, pacing, description, exposition, or other problematic areas. I will suggest ways to fix them or ideas that will help you come up with the answer that suits your work the best. This is a good edit to choose if you have revised or rewritten your story several times, perhaps have had a couple trusted people read it, and something about it still doesn't feel quite right. Includes one read-through.

Salad: Line Editing

Line editing (also known as copyediting) is when you have the content of your manuscript revised and set, and you’re ready to make the wording flow. I will go through your manuscript line by line and look for overused words, misused words, places where the phrasing doesn't feel right, grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, all those fun things. Includes one read-through.

Main Course: Content Editing and Line Editing

This is where you get the whole enchilada in one big dish. I will edit your manuscript for content and do line edits.  This means I will look at your story for everything listed under both content and line editing.

This service includes two read-throughs—one for the content edit and some minor line-editing, then once I send it to you and receive it back, one more read-through for a full line edit.

Dessert: Proofreading

Has your manuscript been thorough content and line edits? Are you nearly ready publish or send out on submission? Is there only one thing holding you back—fear of typos? You've worked so hard to polish that diamond of yours, so let’s make it shine!

This service is strictly proofreading. I will read your manuscript only for typos (including misplaced punctuation), which the cost reflects. If you choose this service, please make sure your manuscript is as polished as it can possibly be. If I begin a proofreading edit and find it still needs line and/or content editing, I will contact you to discuss what to do next.

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