Standard proofreading with no line editing is $0.75 per page. Pricing on my other editing services ranges from approximately $2.00 - $4.00 per page depending on the amount of work needed. Page word count is estimated on the industry standard of 250 words per double-spaced page with one-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font. A project that needs light line editing will be on the lower side, while a full developmental edit with a line edit will be on the higher side. I will let you know what the rate will be after you send me your pages for an evaluation.

Please note that you can choose how much of your manuscript you want me to do. If you have a limited budget, consider sending me the first three chapters (about thirty pages), as those are the ones that will either hook or lose a reader. You may find you learn enough about your story in a shorter edit to help you with revisions far into your book. Send inquiries to rebblevins at yahoo dot com.

Forms of Payment

I require a nonrefundable deposit of $25 to reserve your editing slot. The deposit will go toward the editing fee agreed upon. A full manuscript edit will take a minimum of 4-6 weeks including time you need to make any changes (if you purchase a content and line edit), so please plan accordingly. Manuscripts under 50,000 words may be done in a shorter length of time.

I accept bank transfers through Paypal and personal checks. Note that I do accept credit cards through Paypal, however those may incur an additional fee. Payment arrangements can be made for projects over $50.

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