I have worked with many editors since I started writing in the 90's. Rebecca Blevins is, by FAR, my favorite. She has provided such valuable insight and suggestions in a collaborative rather than adversarial fashion. She finds things that have gotten by other editors—everything from cumbersome phrasing to little punctuation errors. She explains why specific changes would be improvements, or are necessary based on the standard (in my case, the Chicago Manual of Style). A key difference with Rebecca is that she has demonstrated a willingness—even an eagerness—to work WITH me on critical changes. In my last book, we worked iteratively  to achieve the lyrical phrasing I wanted without breaking the rules. I LOVE the result. I can't recommend her highly enough. I just don't want TOO many people to read this because I want her to be available for all my upcoming books. When I have a choice in editors, she is my first choice, hands down.

Jeff Nathan
Award-Winning Children's Author
Andover, MA

When my first editor passed away unexpectedly, Rebecca Blevins was the first and only phone call I made. If you’re wondering why I didn’t hire Rebecca from the beginning, it’s because she wasn’t officially editing for others yet. If she had been, perhaps things would’ve been different. Either way, I bring this up because she was so understanding of my situation. I was feeling very raw and abandoned that my editor had died before completing the final edit (she’d just started on it,) and at the same time, I was feeling incredible guilt about feeling that way—if that makes sense. I was a wreck.

However, I knew that my former editor wouldn’t want me to give up, and I think if she were here and could meet Rebecca, they’d be amazing friends.

Rebecca took on my project, understanding that I had already been through extensive content and copy edits and was only needing a proofreading edit. She was easy to communicate with, quick to answer questions, sweet in her comments, good to mark stuff that made her smile or was well done in her opinion, and kind in her corrections. I’m very grateful that when I hit a low point in my writing, she was there to lift me up, along with my manuscript. She continues to support my efforts and I look forward to working with her on future projects, from start to finish, and I know my writing will only improve with her sharp eyes on it. Every writer needs a Rebecca Blevins. (Now, Rebecca, edit my endorsement …because we both know it needs it.) –seriouslygina

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